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Qualcomm Tease Apple: Android Always First To New Features

As Apple and Qualcomm continue their global patent licensing dispute, Qualcomm has released a suite of research revealing that its Android partners have alway been the first to the marketplace with new smartphone features.

The list of industry-firsts which Android-based brands have achieved includes; dual-camera systems, OLED smartphone screens, edge-to-edge displays and wireless charging.

The list of features is notably specifications rumoured to be included in the new iPhone, unveiled on Tuesday in the United States.

Qualcomm’s list mentions Xiaomi’s Mi Mix smartphone as the one to usher in ‘barely-there bezels’, which has since continued with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30. The company also offers their praise of Samsung for introducing iris scanning within its phones (Samsung Galaxy S8).

The company acknowledges its list “is by no means exhaustive”.

Some analysts have already spotted a number of errors in the list, inferring it was collated rather quickly. For example, iris scanning was first pioneered by Samsung’s Note 7, and the list names the LG V30 as the first to have Bluetooth 5, despite the fact both the Samsung Galaxy S8 & Note 8 incorporate it.

Overall, the company’s core point does ring loud – Android phones have been the first to launch a lot of industry-first technology.

Qualcomm’s blog post which released that data ends with a tongue-in-cheek jab which may be inferred to be directed at Apple:

“We’re working on inventing the next set of world firsts and collaborating with partners across the industry to get them into your hands, on a band around your wrist, or with lenses for over your eyes. Here’s to the next generation of mobile device start-ups and innovators, competing to bring you the next wave of class-leading Android devices. As before, they’ll continue to pave the way for others to come.”

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