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Qualcomm Opposes Nvidia Acquisition Of Chipmaker Arm

Nvidia’s planned acquisition of computer chip manufacturer Arm is facing intense scrutiny from the US Federal Trade Commission, with competitor Qualcomm also flagging its disapproval to regulators.

The FTC has opened an in-depth review into the proposed deal, one of several worldwide enquiries into the acquisition – including in Europe, China and in the UK.

The federal agency has sent requests for comment from companies which have already complained about the deal.

Qualcomm, the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile chips, is among the companies which have aired grievances about Nvidia’s intentions. UK-based Arm is responsible for the architecture in most mobile phone chips, including Qualcomm’s.

The deal has already caused concern with many of Arm’s other customers, The Financial Times reports.

Competitors objected Nvidia will favour its own data centre chip business at the expense of other companies if it is allowed to purchase Arm. One company complained Nvidia would get access to sensitive data about its competitors.

Nvidia commented on the complaints, telling the publication it is “confident that both regulators and customers will see the benefits of our plan to continue Arm’s open licensing model and ensure a transparent, collaborative relationship with Arm’s licensees”.

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