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Quad Bike Regulations Aim To Curb Deaths

Last year saw the highest ever annual death toll from quad bike accidents, with 24 Australian quad bike fatalities.

The ACCC has now enforced strict new standards that require any new or imported second hand general use quad bikes to be fitted with operator protection devices and meet minimum stability requirements. This will go into effect from October 11.

“Quad bike accidents are the leading cause of death and injury on Australian farms and the mandatory safety standard will be critical in saving lives,” ACCC Deputy Chair Mick Keogh said.

“A high proportion of quad bike accidents are due to rollovers, and the additional safety requirements that are about to come into force include physical design changes to mitigate rollover risks.”

This follows the first stage of the safety standard, which was introduced last October, and saw 84 per cent of quad bikes inspected by the ACCC across 246 dealerships, fall under compliance rules.

“Consumer law regulators will be conducting another round of surveillance to monitor compliance with the quad bike safety requirements,” Keogh said.

“Suppliers have had a two year transition period to prepare for the new requirements and those who are still not compliant risk enforcement action.

“When it comes to vehicle safety issues, there is no single solution and, of course, safe riding precautions remain extremely important. Quad bike owners should always wear helmets and the right safety gear, complete the necessary training, and never let children ride adult bikes.”

Fines and penalties will apply for failure to comply.

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