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Quad Artera Preamp Returns With Tilt Control

After nearly a decade, British Hi-Fi legend Quad has brought back the ‘much-admired’ Tilt Control in the newly announced Artera Preamp for £999 in either black or silver.

The Artera Pre will be available in the UK this October, though there is no word yet on Australian pricing or availability; however, Quad brand reseller Audio Visual Revolution may be tipped to stock the Artera Pre.

Quad calls the Artera Pre the exemplification for state-of-the-art design, sound transparency and source fidelity, with the leader of the electronic design team Jan Ertner labelling it a classic Quad for the modern age.

Quad’s tone adjustment process, Tilt Control, which can modify both ends of the frequency spectrum to balance bass and treble in 1dB steps has returned to the Quad preamp.

The process involves effectively rotating or tilting the audible frequency range on a 700Hz axis to produce a warmer or cooler sound depending on the effect required.

The Artera Pre adds additional analogue bass filters to the Tilt function for further sound tailoring that can be used in tandem to create individual EQ profiles for each input source.

Input sources include four stereo RCA inputs (three line-level and one phono) plus one balanced XLR.

Four-channel volume control balances audio signals from each input throughout playback, with input gain sensitivity control included.

AV bypass mode is configurable on one of the line-level RCA inputs to be used with an external AV receiver.

For headphone playback, there is an included Class A output stage with low output impedance.

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