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QR Codes Erode Aussie Trust In Data Privacy

Since the COVID-inflicted rise of the humble QR code, our trust in Australian governments and social media giants to house and use our personal data responsibility has dropped.

A study by Australian National University saw our trust in institutions not to misuse our data has dropped from an average of 5.7/10 to 5.49/10, between May 2020 and August 2021.

Co-author Professor Nicholas Biddle explains, “the organisations that experienced the biggest decrease in trust were the federal government, state and territory governments, social media companies and companies people used for online purchases.”

The study, of 3,000 Australian adults, found 67 per cent of women “always” checked into places, compared to 56 per cent of men.

“The majority of Australians who expressed low trust in how institutions use their data, 54.2 per cent said they always use check-in apps,” Biddle points out.

“It shows that despite their concerns, many Australians are doing the right thing and what they have been asked to do by governments to help keep each other and their communities safe during the pandemic.”

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