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TV Apps Are Hot And So Is The Threat Of A TV Virus Attack Says Expert

TV Apps Are Hot And So Is The Threat Of A TV Virus Attack Says Expert

With consumers using TV apps more than ever before TV sets are set to be vulnerable as a PC especially ones that are running known operating systems such as Android, Windows or Apple’s iOS says Eugene Kaspersky.

Eugene Kaspersky, the co-founder and chief executive of Russia’s Kaspersky Lab, the world’s fourth largest computer antivirus group 

Whether it disrupts an AFL or NRL game or a World Cup final penalty shoot-out or the results of The X Factor, the day when computer viruses infect a television are here. 

The warning is coupled with the fact that consumers have now got use to using TV apps and are now making purchase decisions based on TV quality and apps. 

 A recent survey from The NPD Group found video apps are indispensable for most connected TV users and that up to 75 percent of connected TV app users said video apps are extremely or very important.

In Australia iView YouTube and SBS apps ranks on the top of the list of video and TV-everywhere network apps cited as important to connected TV users.

“The importance of having core video aggregation has a lot to do with the convenience that allows consumers to easily access a multitude of programming options in one place,” stated John Buffone, Connected Intelligence executive director. “The next wave of TV app users, however, is looking for a different experience than earlier adopters and is placing greater emphasis on TV-everywhere apps from their favourite networks.”

In Australia Humax is set to launch a set top box that allows content including free to air content to be streamed to a remote tablet or smartphone. For example if you were away for Easter you could still get all the TV shows including those you have recorded on a tablet, PC or smartphone where you were staying as long as you had access to broadband or a smartphone signal.  

 While it’s important for consumers to have the ability to access a diverse set of apps on their TVs, finding new channels in the app ecosystem is almost equally important. 

Among current and prospective connected TV app users, 48 percent said being able to find new apps impacts the device they prefer to use for apps on their TV.

“There’s a large and lucrative developing audience in the TV app market,” said Buffone. “As new consumers acquire and begin using connected TV devices, they are going to be looking for a broader array of network TV apps. As long as they can find and use new apps easily, we expect network apps to become a destination for viewers looking for their favourite shows.”

Connected TV devices include connected TVs, video game consoles, Blu-ray players and streaming-media boxes.

The NPD online study was conducted in the first quarter of 2014 and questioned more than 3,800 consumers, aged 18 years or older.

Mr Kaspersky said that the TV virus will inevitably be a part of life  as Internet connections make television sets vulnerable to the kind of damage malicious software has already caused desktop and laptop computers and is starting to wreak on mobile phones.

“The threats will diversify to mobile phones and to the home environment, such as through televisions, which are now connected to the Internet,” he said.

He said “There are millions of attacks a year on Microsoft Windows, thousands on mobile phones, mostly on Android, and dozens on Apple’s iOS.

“But more and more engineers are developing software for Android. All the systems are vulnerable and I am afraid it is very possible to see the scenario of bad guys developing malware for iOS. Technically it is possible to infect millions of devices.”