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Dotcom To Get Assets Back

Dotcom To Get Assets Back

Restraining orders on his assets, including cars, jewellery and other property, were imposed after Dotcom’s arrest in January 2012. But late last week a court turned down the NZ Government’s application to continue holding Dotcom’s assets past a two-year deadline.

Dotcom reacted via Twitter, tweeting: “Mona [Dotcom’s wife] and I are getting our New Zealand assets back, unless the Crown appeals.”

“Come back to Daddy!” he added later, captioning this photo of himself beside three silver Mercedes-Benz cars with licence plates reading “GOOD,” “AND,” and “EVIL.”

The NZ Government has two weeks to decide whether to appeal the judge’s order.

Meanwhile the US Government is continuing to seek his extradition to the USA to face charges of copyright infringement, money laundering and racketeering, relating to his former Megaupload file-sharing Web site.