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Qantas Expanding Wi-Fi Offering To More Aircraft

Qantas is adding Wi-Fi to more of its fleet with all of its 737 and A330 to have access to Wi-Fi by next year.

The airline says by the end of 2018, 75 per cent of those planes will have Wi-Fi. In two weeks time, Qantas says two domestic A330 and half of the 737 fleet will have access to Wi-Fi.

At the moment, the aircraft is now undergoing a series of tests on the ground and in flight before it is switched on.

The aircraft with Wi-Fi will have a white hump on its back, approximately one kilometre of cabling in the ceiling and a Viasat antenna that connects it to the internet.

In 2016, Qantas added Wi-Fi to one of its 737-800 aircraft and has slowly been adding it to its planes since.

The Wi-Fi will allow customers to browse the web, send emails and post on social media plus stream movies and music with its 12Mbps connection speed. Qantas says its customers will not be able to Facetime or make phone calls.

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