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Laser To Refund Portable DVD Players Over Electric Shock Risk

Product Safety Australia has recalled five Laser Portable DVD Players (240V) with Mains Power Adapters, advising the included adapter is likely to separate if dropped, posing an “electric shock hazard”.

Consumers are advised to stop using the mains power adapter “immediately”, and can return the complete product to the “place of purchase” for a refund.

Alternatively, users can register here to receive a replacement power adapter.

The affected Laser Portable DVD Players with Mains Power Adapter include; models DVD-PT-7B, DVD-PT-9B, DVD-PT-10B, PORT7-DUALB, DVD-PT9-DUALB.

Product Safety Australia warns live circuitry could be exposed if the 240V mains power adapter is dropped, posing the risk of electric shock.

The in-car charger remains unaffected.

The affected portable DVD players were sold nationally between December 2017 and May 2018, via online retailers, department stores and independents.

Laser Managing Director, Chris Lau, affirms the recall was voluntarily conducted and largely precautionary.

The issue was discovered during “ongoing spot checks”, with relevant safety authorities “proactively contacted”.

Lau affirms they’re working with retailers to replace affected power adapters, with no incident cases reported thus far.

“The main portable DVD unit is not impacted. This is a voluntary recall initiated by us to ensure our highest possible standards are maintained”

“We are working with our retail partners and informing consumers to ensure these power adapters are replaced in a timely fashion, which we are facilitating directly.”

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