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Qantas Brushes Off 5G Concerns, Will Fly To US

Qantas insists it is perfectly safe to pilot its Boeing 787s and A380s to the US, despite numerous airlines cancelled US flights or changing flightpaths in the midst of concerns that 5G towers could interfere with the planes’ operations.

Japan Airlines and Korean Air, All Nippon Airways and Emirates are among airlines that have changed their flight plans, after the Federal Aviation Administration issued several warnings.

“Our flights in the United States will fully comply with the safety regulator’s requirements,” said Qantas chief technical pilot, Captain Alex Passerini.

“We would never operate unless it was completely safe to do so.”

A warning has been issued for Boeing 787s, which Qantas uses. The new 5G towers, which will potentially interfere with the frequency range use for various emergency procedures, are scheduled to be deployed today. Both AT&T and Verizon have announced they will delay turning out 5G towers near airports.

Similar technology has not been an issue in Australia, due to using a different frequency range.

“We are not aware of any confirmed cases of 5G interference with radio altimeters in this country since the technology rolled out,” a Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman said, of the Australian situation.

“Nonetheless, we have asked pilots to report radio altimeter issues so that any information on potential interference can inform future decisions.”


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