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Mystery Samsung S III Update Hits OZ?

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The software update was received on S III devices on the Telstra network, while Vodafone and other networks have yet offer the Android update.

The S III runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

Telstra say the update came from Samsung, rather than to do with their service, and its precise purpose is still unclear.

A software update was also received by Galaxy S III owners in the US this week, which is said to delete the universal search function on the device and is linked to Samsung’s recent patent litigation battle with Apple, according to reports.

The update may remove the S III from Apple’s latest round of patent claims, preventing it from being subject to a sale ban.

Samsung’s other flagship smartphone, Google Nexus, was recently banned from sale in the US, following claims by Apple that it likely infringed on Apple’s “Siri patent” for unified search technology along with three others, although the ban was overturned this week.

Following this, there were talks of Apple looking to ban the S III when it was launched last month. It is set to be Samsung’s star performer in the smartphone race this year – the brutal competitor to Apple’s iPhone – and forecast to sell 10m units by the end of the month.

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Samsung Australia could not be contacted at the time of writing for comment on the update.