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Back To The Start: Microsoft Reveal ‘Windows 8.1’

Back To The Start: Microsoft Reveal

Unveiled at Computex, the worlds biggest PC conference taking place at Taipei this week, Microsoft Windows chief marketer, Tami Reller, unveiled Windows ‘8.1’ which now includes the much loved ‘Start’ button. 

Windows 8.1 users can now just swipe up to see the familiar Windows screen including ‘Start’ button and other icons on the left hand corner. 
The new Windows touch ’tiles’ now appear to be just floating in the traditional Windows desktop rather than taking it over, as on the original Windows 8 interface.
The ‘8.1’ demo was met with applause from the Computex 2013 audience. 
Check out the video below, courtesy of IDG.  
Microsoft Windows 8 also includes two new tiles sizes, one that is really big – handy if you want lots of info updates, and the ability to sort apps by category.
“Windows 8.1 furthers the bold vision of Windows 8 by responding to customer feedback and adding new features and functionality that advance the touch experience and mobile computing’s potential,”  said Reller. 
Reller revealed the software giant plan (codenamed ‘Windows Blue’) to rejig parts of Windows 8 last  month, following user feedback and widespread outcry at the totally overhauled Windows, designed for touch PC’s.