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Profits Rocket As Consumers Take To Huawei Smartphones

Chinese tech giant Huawei who have recently expanded their product offering in Australia via both carriers and CE retailers said profits for the full year to December rose by 33% from a year earlier, boosted by demand for its smartphones, among other devices.

The Company that is also looking to break into PC market but is having problems attracting interest from PC retailers, said that demand for their smartphones and their recently launched smart watches had seen sales increase “rapidly”.

Popular for its low-cost devices, Huawei is one of the biggest smartphone vendors behind Samsung and Apple. The company is also one of the world’s largest telecommunications firms.Huawei-Ascend-P6

In the last quarter Huawei smartphone sales in Australia grew by 51.8% according to IDC data. Sales went from 52,412 units to 79,546 with analysts tipping further growth this quarter due to expanded marketing activities.

The Company has been blocked from running or supplying equipment for broadband projects such as the National Broadband Network in Australia over espionage fears.

Its telecommunications devices for carriers, such as routers, are effectively banned in the US.

However, its other businesses, such as consumer electronic products, including mobile devices, are allowed into global markets resulting in the Chinese manufacturer putting pressure on brands such as Sony, HTC Microsoft.

The firm said its three business groups generated US$60.8bn; in annual revenue worldwide, up 37% from a year earlier.

It said a major highlight for the period was consumer division revenue, which rose 73% from a year earlier.huawei-watch2

It said the rise had been driven by demand for its “high-quality products that deliver a premium user experience, as well as Huawei’s growing influence as a consumer brand.”

The firm has previously said it wants to shed its low-cost appeal and produce high-margin premium devices to challenge Samsung and Apple at the top end of the market.

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