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Pre Orders For Samsung S8, Reveal Consumer Trust In Brand

If pre-orders at Telstra and JB Hi Fi are anything to go by, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to be a big hit, as consumers appear to have dismissed problems with the Companies Note 7.

JB Hi Fi management said that it appears that consumer faith in Samsung smartphones is completely unshaken by the Galaxy Note 7 debacle and exploding washing machines problems that have cost the Korean Company billions.

According to Telstra sources pre-orders are running 31% ahead of what was forecast by the carrier.

Meanwhile Samsung has reported “strong double digit growth” for US pre-orders of its new Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones, alleviating concerns fans may ditch the brand after being burned (quite literally in some cases) by 2016’s flagship smartphone.

Later today Samsung will hold a local media event to further explain the benefits of the new device which will go on sale in Australia shortly after Easter.

The news comes despite the higher price point Samsung is setting for its 2017 Galaxy ’S’ series.

Additionally, the firm says, more pre-order customer’s users are choosing the larger (and more expensive) 6.2-inch S8+ over its 5.8-inch counterpart.

In a statement, a Samsung spokesperson said “Pre-orders of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in the US are outpacing those of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge with strong double digit growth.

“In addition, the majority of consumers have been selecting the Galaxy S8+, with Midnight Black being the preferred colour of choice.”

Samsung isn’t going into specifics on the number of phones it is selling thus far, but the uptake must come as a relief for the firm whose reputation was thought to be seriously damaged by its handling of the Note 7 crisis.

The giant UK smartphone seller, Carphone Warehouse, had seen a 43% increase in pre-orders compared to the Galaxy S7 range.

The reaction of Australian consumers flies in the face of what media organisations such as Fairfax and the ABC News have been saying about Samsung and their products.

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