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Poor Japanese Sales A Bad Sign For Nintendo’s Switch OLED

Nintendo’s Switch OLED has made a poor debut in Japan, which doesn’t bode well for the console’s success as it is released globally today.

The console sold only 138,409 units in home market Japan over the launch weekend, according to sales tracker Famitsu.

By comparison, the original Switch sold 330,637 units in 2017, and Switch Lite sold 177,936 in 2019. The Switch has sold 89 million unit, worldwide.

Nintendo’s share price has plummeted by 20 per cent over the year. But it may not be over for the OLED model.

“The OLED model will become more popular than the standard or Lite models, supported by existing owners who would upgrade from older models or add another unit to their households,” Tokyo-based industry consultant Serkan Toto told Bloomberg.

“Nintendo is similar to Tesla in terms of offering unique products, and just like the car company, it has a rabid fan base.”


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