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Pokemon Go Trumps Tinder Over Launch Weekend

Early data suggest Nintendo’s Pokemon Go app has already amassed a substantial install-base of mobile users, despite only launching last week. 

Following its Australian and New Zealand release on the 6th of July, access to the smartphone application was rolled out in American territories on the 7th.

A report released by SimilarWebs has pegged the apps user-base at 3% of the entire US-based Android population, approximately 3.2 million users.

According to them, the app has already surpassed the popularity of online dating application Tinder.


SimilarWebs speculate that the application will soon surpass Twitter as well.


While there are no figures yet for the size of Pokemon Go’s local user population, plenty of stories about the app have surfaced over the weekend.

Multiple police authorities issued public safety warnings to users playing near roads and one woman even discovered a dead body while hunting for Pokemon.


Nintendo’s own stock has risen 20% in the wake of the app’s release.

Pokemon Go is currently available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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