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Pixel 5 Hit With Display Panel Complaints

Some early buyers of the new Pixel 5 smartphone have reportedly expressed concern over a slight separation of the display panel from the handset’s main body.

Taking to Google’s Pixel product online forum, users have complained about a hardware flaw that leaves a visible space between the smartphone’s metal body and display screen.

Consumers have expressed concern about the space growing with wear and tear, with the potential for dust and water to also permeate the device.

The Pixel 5 is IP68 certified, which permits the handset to be submerged in around a metre of water for ~30mins.

Post to the Pixel Phone Help online forum, users have uploaded images of the display screen gap, with many agreeing to a similar occurrence in their units.

Consumers have called upon Google and others to clarify if it is standard to the handset, and its impact on the handset’s waterproofing claims.

Complaints have also been registered on other third-party forums (e.g. XDA Developers).

The Google Pixel 5 recently launched to market, with some commentators speculating whether it’s a more prevenant issue growing with buyer uptake.

Google is yet to officially comment on the claims and concerns.

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