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Philips Touts FDA Accreditation For New Wearable Range

Philips is bringing FDA-approval to the table with its latest range of wearable devices.

The centrepiece of this range is the Phillips Health Watch, which continuously tracks biometric data from your resting heart rate to your resting respiration rate.

First revealeed at last year’s IFA, the Health Watch works in tandem with the blood pressure monitor, scale, and thermometer accessories for the device – all tied together through the company’s HealthSuite application.

They’re claiming the level of bio-metric data being gathered here is ‘medical-grade’ and Philips goal being to help those with chronic illnesses develop better and more healthy habits.

It also tracks steps and sleep calories along with active, running and sedentary time.

It’s an interesting angle on the market for the company to take to be sure.

However, with a reported US price of $250, we’re still waiting to confirm Australian availability and RRP.

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