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Peloton Release Heart Rate Monitor For Your Arm

With trouble swirling around fitness giant Peloton after calls to sack their CEO, share price plummets and the deaths of characters in two major TV shows – And Just Like That and Billions – from heart attacks after using their equipment, they are trying to take a positive approach, releasing their first optical heart rate monitor.

Unlike their $52 chest strap, the Peloton Heart Rate Band is worn on the forearm and has optical heart rate sensors. Priced at $130, it’s available in small and large sizes, features five LED lights to indicate which heart rate zone you’re training in, battery level and Bluetooth connectivity status. The rechargeable battery supplies an estimated 10 hours on a single charge.

It is designed as a wearable accessory to engage with the rest of the Peloton fitness ecosystem, as well as third-party applications that support standard Bluetooth heart rate monitor profiles.

It will also support Peloton’s Strive Score metric, which measures how long you’ve spent in a specific heart rate zone. This will determine your workout progress and intensity.

Peloton are moving past their chest strap monitor as, despite giving better results as it relies on electrical current, it can be quite cumbersome and requires you to moisten the contact point and position it correctly before starting activity.

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