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Patents Indicate Microsoft Moving On Foldable Smartphones

Patent filings made by the company (highlighted by MSPoweruser) describe a new foldable design that suggests Microsoft could be looking to ready a foldable smartphone of their own.

The patent itself showcases a unique device featuring between two and three screens that can be used in a number of different configurations.

Some have already speculated that the device may deliver on Microsoft’s earlier concept of Project Courier, which was leaked in 2009 but ultimately never made its way to market.

It’s also been speculated that, given the inventor of the design is listed as Kabir Siddiqui, this unique form factor will manifest in the company’s next Surface phone.

Siddiqui was also responsible for the Surface’s kickstand and camera.

Samsung, LG and Apple have all been tipped to reveal foldable smartphone devices this year.

Faced with a stagnant market, many believe that dramatic design innovations like a foldable display may prove key to the next stage of the smartphone markets growth.

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