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Parliament Inquiry Urges Plan To Make 5G Gear In Australia

CANBERRA: The parliamentary inquiry into 5G in Australia has tabled its report, calling on the Morrison Government to investigate how 5G gear can be made in Australia.  It has made 145 recommendations, including that the Government “investigate ways to encourage the manufacture of 5G infrastructure within Australia,” and – to this end – that “manufacturing partnerships be considered with Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States.”

It says the Government should establish a 5G R&D Innovation Fund “to fast track the development and scale-up of alternative manufacturing approaches to reduce the duopoly [ie, Ericsson and Nokia] dependency on 5G related equipment.”

The inquiry by a House of Reps standing committee was initiated by Communications Minister Paul Fletcher in September last year.

The terms of reference were broad: it was required to “investigate the capability, capacity and deployment of 5G; understand the application of 5G, including use cases for enterprise and government.” Security issues of 5G were specifically excluded.

Nevertheless, one of its recommendations is that “the Australian Government conduct a review of current legislative arrangements enforcing network and data security for the supply of 5G equipment,” and that it “be incumbent on vendors to enforce cyber supply chain risk management throughout procurement, rollout and maintenance of the 5G network.”

As CDN reported at the time, concerns about the supposed dangers of 5G radiation dominated submissions. The committee’s report noted these, but said it was limited in its ability to investigate.

Nevertheless it devoted considerable space to these concerns, and sought responses from ARPANSA – the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency – and elsewhere, concluding, “5G is safe for humans.” It also recommended that ARPANSA implement a suitable mechanism to consult with the community on safe levels of electromagnetic radiation.” – Stuart Corner

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