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Panasonic Unveils New Compact LUMIX Camera

Panasonic has announced it will release the new LUMIX LX100 II mirrorless micro 4/3rds camera in October for $1399.

This is the 7th generation of the LX high-end compact cameras. The LX100 II sports a 17-megapixel multi-aspect 4/3-inch high senstivity MOS Sensor and a Leica DC Vario-Summilux lens.

New functions like 4K, Touch Pad AF, Post Focus, Bluetooth smartphone connectivity brings the LX100 II in line with what consumers expect from a high end camera.

Scott Mellish, Product Marketing Manager, Imaging at Panasonic commented why they brought so many new features to the model, saying “the LX100 developed a cult following among enthusiasts, and now the LX100 II rewards our fans by delivering their most-requested upgrades.”

“The camera offers a new level of finesse with excellent capabilities – including a brand new sensor, touch screen, 4K Photo interface and Bluetooth capability.”

The f1.7-f2.8 Leica DC Vario-Summilux lens offers a 24-75mm full frame equivalent focal range when accounting for the micro 4/3rds crop. Panasonic claims that the 9-blade aperture diaphragm produces smooth, circular bokeh, a difficult task for a smaller sensor camera.

The Live View Finder will have a 2760K-dot equvalent which is controlled with an Eye Sensor.

According to the Panasonic, it will offer approximately 100 per cent colour reproduction and a 16:9 wide screen view that provides 0.7x (35mm equivalent) magnification and 100 per cent field of view.

On the back will be a 3.0 inch rear monitor that has 1240K-dot resolution and is touch enabled, including Touch Pad AF (autofocus). The back panel will have 10 programmable function buttons, 5 of which will be on the touch screen.

We will also see full 4K video and photo modes on the LX100 II at 100mbps/25fps in MP4.

New functions such as Light Composition, Post Focus and Focus Stacking will take full advantage of the 4K resolution to help shooters create images in difficult situations.

The LX100 II is aiming to be super responsive, quoting auto focus times of 0.10 seconds. Paired with high speed burst shooting at 11 fps (AFS) and 5.5 (AFC), this camera is going to be good for catching fleeting moments.

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