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Panasonic Microwaves Rate Highest With Australian Consumers

A Canstar Blue survey of over 800 Australian adults across the country has revealed Panasonic Microwaves received top marks, receiving the 2020 Award for Most Satisfied Customers.

The company beat six other brands in the competitive category, receiving five stars for overall satisfaction and a further five stars for heat distribution, cooking functions, ease of use, ease of cleaning and appearance and design.

‘We are very proud of this five star rating from highly respected Canstar Blue,’ Charissa Sano, Category Manager, Home Appliance Group of Panasonic, said.

‘Panasonic has a heritage of over 50 years in Microwaves, and our models are a popular mainstay in Australian kitchens, offering smart features that make it quick to create great tasting meals, as well as looking good on the contemporary kitchen benchtop.’

The survey also uncovered that 63 per cent of respondents said they used their microwave on a daily basis, with one in five (19 per cent) said they bought their microwave to compliment other appliances and the aesthetic of their kitchens.

‘People don’t realise how much they use their microwave until it’s gone, so it’s always worth investing in one that lasts the test of time and serves up the features you’re looking for. It’s ultimately all about convenience, so make sure you find a microwave that makes life easier for you,’ said Canstar Blue Editor-In-Chief Simon Downes.

‘Our research shows that performance and ease of use are crucial factors for consumers, but we also want to know we’re getting good value for money. These are all boxes ticked by Panasonic in our microwave ratings this year.’

Downes added that Panasonic stood out on most important factors but also on design, which is ‘another important aspect for many consumers who take pride in their kitchen.’

Panasonic launched its first consumer microwave in 1966.

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