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Android Aussie Top Dog (Sorry iPhone)

Telstra’s Androidland store

Android OS is powering ahead and now accounts for 56.9% of smartphone OS’s in OZ, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Google Android share in OZ has risen by a a massive 20% in the past year – from 36.5% in June 2011 to 56.9% in ’12.

But it seems at the expense of Apple cult iPhone iOS, whose share of the Aussie market has fallen by over 6% – to 30.5%- in the past year, the stats show.

But its not just Oz – the green is also running riot in a slew of countries and now accounts for “at least half” of all smartphone OS’s in vital markets including US (50%), UK (57%), Germany (68%), France (58%), Italy (46%) , Spain (a massive 84%).

And Nokia dying Symbian platform has also taken a drubbing in OZ- falling to just under 4% from 20% share.

But Nokia’s new platform Microsoft Windows 7 has also doubled its OZ market share – to just under 5% and could increase this year, if Win 7 devices from the likes of HTC and Samsung get it right.

And already struggling Blackberry has also stumbled to oblivion, according to the analysts, dropping to 0.1% (from just over 2%).

So why are Droid doing so well at the expense of the cult iPhone?

Simple. ‘Price’ and ‘multimedia capabilities’, says analyst Dominic Sunnebo. Oh and the green man can attract smartphone virgins like no other. 

 Android handsets offer an “easier platform” for consumers to upgrade, says Sunnebo, as many first time smartphone owners indicate ‘price of handset’ and ‘multimedia capabilities’ as the main reason for choosing a device from the likes of Samsung Galaxy’s, HTC, Motorola and LG smartphones.

The Google operating system offers a slew of Droid apps as standards – Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Places, as well as Facebook apps and the millions of others from Play store, and can also be conected to a multitude fo devices – unlike Apple iOS.

“Our data shows that Android has a higher share of those consumers spending under £50 (A$76) on buying their handset across the vast majority of countries we cover,” says Sunnebo.

In markets like the UK, smartphone penetration in the prepay market is increasing, with Android handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace and Y attracting younger first time owners traditionally loyal to BlackBerry.

 “IWhen consumers trade-up from a feature phone, they spend significantly more on their bills and on buying their device.”

But its also worth noting Android marketshare has slipped in the critical US market in the past year, while Apple iOS has risen more than 10%, which may worry some at Android HQ. 

“Smartphone consumers are much more loyal to their brand of handset and carrier than feature phone consumers.”

Apple ascention is a “reflection of a successful iPhone 4S release and the first time availability of the iPhone 4 and 4S on Sprint,” says Kantar Worldpanel.