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Yeehaw: Buffalo Personal CloudStation $209

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Files are securely shared between people and there is no need for user setup: users simply email a link to friends.

A user’s digital content always resides on CloudStation and the online service is only used to connect users and guests to specified files on the device

Unlike other online storage services, CloudStation has no capacity or service fees and provides users with complete control over the safety and security of their personal digital files.

Setting up the CloudStation is simple and Buffalo has automated all the networking complexity. Users plug it in, connect it to their router with the supplied Ethernet cable, turn it on and then create a free account at https://cloudstation.pogoplug.com/.

CloudStation is quick and simple because the device is connected directly to the home network and is widely available in Australian retailers including JB Hi-Fi, Bing Lee, Retravision, WOW Sight & Sound, Myer and David Jones.

According to Boris Shen, Buffalo’s Business Manager, its this user-friendliness which has been missing from other storage solutions on the market which promise remote access to files.

“Bringing CloudStation to the Australian market delivers on Buffalo’s promise of simplifying data mobility, allowing users to access and share their content freely, with anyone, anywhere.

“While consumer and small business interest in cloud storage has been gaining momentum, CloudStation can promise one thing that other online cloud service providers can’t. Complete control over your digital files, with no fees – ever,” he said.

The service is also handy for storing files while away from home or share movies, music and photos across multiple devices, and is accessiable  from any smartphone or tablet – Apple, Android, Blackberry or Web OS.

As mobile devices aren’t capable of the same wireless network speeds or have the same processing power as desktop or laptops, CloudStation automatically creates 3G-friendly copies of photos and videos, optimising them for the mobile experience.

CloudStation can also stream to media devices, including Sony’s PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, and is compatible with Apple’s time machines, always creating and storing back-ups of Mac user’s data.  

Buffalo’s personal cloud offers many traditional consumer network attached storage (NAS) features including private share support for LAN based network sharing and pairing with the popular µTorrent client, allowing users to offload the task of downloading torrent files from computers to cloud.

Buffalo CloudStation starts at  $209 for 1TB  CS-X (Single drive) and $259 (2TB) is out from 28 November 2011.

Go to www.buffalotech.com for more info.