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Oz New Job Ads Surge 26% in May

Popular online job board, SEEK, has reported a notable 26.8% on-month jump in new jobs listed during the month of May, suggesting the local economy is on a rebound trajectory.

Disclosed in an employment snapshot, SEEK states sales roles soared 97.1% whilst administration roles lept 88.5%.

Sectors within ‘consumer services’ have displayed the biggest growth in the last two weeks (84.5%) versus the April average – the division included retail.

On a state basis, New South Wales has lagged behind, with growth driven by South Australia (ip 36.2% for the fortnight wending May 17).

Managing Director, Kendra Banks, warns it’s a “long road to recovery.”

“There are some promising signs with all states and territories showing an increase in job ad volumes compared to April, suggesting we have turned a corner as long as we do not see a return of restrictions or a further outbreak,” she adds.

“We are using April as a baseline as we hope this is the low point for job ad numbers and we can use this as a comparison for how the employment market is progressing.”

Local employee confidence is also reportedly at its highest levels since 2020 according to a SEEK survey, with 67% of respondents feeling “secure” and two-thirds optimistic about job opportunities.

Market commentators warn consumer confidence may wane in coming periods, notably towards the expiration of the government’s JobKeeper program.

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