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Aussie Micro-X To Speed Up Global Airport Check-In

South Australian based, Micro-X, is set to receive a $10 million convertible loan from tech giant, Thales, to develop new global airport security which will significantly speed up check-ins.

Reported by The AustralianThales has won approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board to fund Micro-X’s ultra-miniature X-Ray tubes.

The technology seeks to quicken airport security check-ins – from 200 pasengers per hour to around 1,000 – by forgoing the need to remove laptops, water bottles and more from carry-on bags.

The ultra-miniature X-ray tubes can detect minute amounts of explosives with immense accuracy, event those hidden in a laptop.

The nanotubes will be produced by Thales in collaboration with Micro-X, and have also gained the interest of the Australian Defence Force and UK government.

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