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Oz Couple Stranded At Sea Saved By Samsung Smartphone

An Australian couple who were stranded off the coast of Cairns, Queensland in June of this year have said that they were saved by their Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone.

After their boat overturned, the couple say they were tipped into the water, and were unable to retrieve their lifejackets or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.

However, the woman was able to use her Galaxy S10 to contact the emergency services via phone and text after the boat capsized. She was also able to share screenshots of their location with the rescue team using the Galaxy S10’s GPS and Google Maps functions.

According to a Samsung statement, the woman’s smartphone is still functioning normally.

“They had a full complement of safety equipment on the vessel, which obviously as the water police we strongly push, but in these situations you can’t always get to them,” Cairns Police Acting Senior Sergeant Graham Camp told Cairns Post.

“They didn’t have time; the boat rolled that quickly there were both all but thrown out of the vessel and the wife had time to grab the phone, which saved their life, I believe.”

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