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OVO Offers 100GB Mobile Broadband For $100/Month

OVO is promoting its new 100GB prepaid mobile broadband plan as a viable alternative to the NBN.

Running on the Optus 4G network and costing $100 a month, OVO said its service was a “fast, portable and reliable alternative to fixed broadband” without the installation time and lock-in contract.

“Despite the billions being spent on upgrading Australia’s fixed broadband infrastructure, it remains slow and expensive by international standards,” said OVO CEO Matt Jones.

“And I speak as one of the many, many Australians who are sick of hearing about why that is and who’s to blame − we just want it to work, where and when we want it,” Jones said.

The telco has established a free location-based speed test site – notbloodynecessary.com – to allow potential customers to compare their fix broadband connection with mobile broadband.

“Up to now, the two things that were preventing mobile broadband being an attractive alternative to fixed were price and data allowances. With the introduction of our 100GB prepaid mobile data plan for $100 per 30 days, we’ve eliminated both of those problems,” Jones said.

More information can be found on the OVO website.

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