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Optus Offers 121 Points Access

Optus has announced that its wholesale residential National Broadband Network product now offers access to every one of the NBN’s 121 points of interconnect (POIs).

One of the first ISPs to benefit will be Sydney-based SpinTel. Optus Wholesale will provide wholesale NBN access to SpinTel under a new deal, delivering access via its Residential Broadband over NBN product.

Optus claims that its Layer 2 wholesale aggregation to the 121 POIs, along with access technologies available from NBN, allows smaller service providers to provide services across Australia without having to build out their own infrastructure.

“As the NBN surpasses more than one million households nationally, partners want access to that market via a single, carrier-grade network without an exhaustive investment outlay,” said Optus Wholesale head of marketing and strategy John Castro. “Our wholesale solution delivers that access.”

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