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Optus Introduces Retail Assist Integrated Service

Optus Business has introduced a new mobile point-of-sale capability, Retail Assist, which it states allows retailers to process sales, check stock availability, access customer information and support back-end operational requirements from a mobile device within store.

Optus states that “Retail Assist integrates with a retailer’s existing systems to provide a seamless in-store customer experience”, designed to deliver increased efficiencies for retailers.

“Customers want staff to be able to provide stock availability quickly rather than check ‘out the back’,” David Caspari, Optus Business vice president, business technology & solutions, commented. “They want product specs and sizes, and the ability to buy the item wherever they are in-store.  

“Retail Assist delivers a win-win experience because it equips staff with the tools they need to deliver a great customer experience.”

Retail Assist supports end-of-day reporting, inventory management, sales performance data and daily activities such as ‘click and collect’, with Optus stating that it incorporates a range of retail applications and device options, integrating seamlessly with bank payment terminals.

“It is delivered across a secure, reliable network and can be hosted or integrated with retailers’ existing systems,” Optus states. “Optus Business supports and manages Retail Assist for customers on a 24-month plan, which includes ongoing upgrades.”

Caspari stated that Retail Assist was developed “in response to requests from retailers for better ways to service their customers”.

“We were mindful that retailers typically already had sizeable investments in various point-of-sale, customer management and other systems, so we designed Retail Assist to integrate all these systems, ensuring they complement rather than replace existing technologies,” he commented.

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