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Optus Completes World’s First 2300MHz 5G Data Call

Optus has successfully established an end-to-end 5G data call over its 2300MHz spectrum, making it the first telecommunications operator in the world to achieve this.

Optus completed the test call in Sydney, working together with technology partner Ericsson.

Optus’ unique ownership of both 2300MHz and 3500MHz spectrum means that it will be able to build a true dual band 5G network, which will ultimately provide customers with even more capacity and more coverage on 5G than a single band 3500MHz 5G today.

“There is strong industry interest in the use of the 2300MHz band for 5G and as the only telecommunications operator in Australia to currently have access to this band in metro capital cities, it’s great to be leading the way with testing and trialling this for future 5G deployment,” said Dennis Wong, Optus managing director networks.

“With its lower frequency, the 2300MHz spectrum band will, in the future, ultimately offer our customers even greater speeds, as well as providing greater coverage depth enabling even more customers to benefit from 5G services.”

“We are actively pushing forward with our robust 5G deployment plan utilising the 3500MHz spectrum band and have more than 300 5G sites now live.”

“At this stage, we are working towards deploying our 2300MHz spectrum some time during 2020, which together with our existing 3500MHz spectrum will offer our customers a world-leading 5G experience – both in the home and on-the-go.”

Optus currently has more than 300 5G sites live across Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and other key locations in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

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