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Optus Beats Telstra For Fastest 5G In Australia

Optus and Telstra have been neck-and-neck in the race to be Australia’s top 5G provider but it seems one of the telco carriers has reigned supreme, according to an independent report.

While Telstra may have the most 5G coverage around the country, Optus offers faster 5G speeds on average, the Systems Benchmarking Report claims.

The report was compiled after testers drove 1600km across Sydney and Melbourne with a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G smartphone.

Telstra 5G reception was found in 78 per cent of tests, Optus 5 was found 48 per cent of the time and Vodafone 5G was only discovered in 6 per cent of tests.

But when it comes to speed, Optus won overall with the fastest average download speed of 362Mbps and the highest single test speed of 1431Mbps.

Telstra’s 5G speeds came to 295Mbps on average and its highest single download speed was 904Mpbs.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – you can’t claim to have Australia’s best 5G network if it’s not the fastest,” commented Matt Williams, Optus managing director for marketing and revenue.

“At Optus we already know we are working hard to build Australia’s fastest 5G and this week two 5G benchmark tests have clearly shown Optus is out in front – smashing 5G mobile download speeds in Sydney and Melbourne.

For Optus, this isn’t about stripping our competitor of their self-declared title – this is about being transparent with the Australian consumer, ensuring that they get access to all the facts.”

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