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Oppo Try To Buy Their Way Into Vodafone In Effort To Get Consumers To Buy Their Questionable Chinese Smartphones

Oppo who were given the cold shoulder by several Australian media organizations this week, when the Chinese phone maker tried to pull off a publicity stunt by sticking up images on a larger poster of COVID-19 hero’s in Sydney is now desperately trying to convince Europeans to buy their product despite a massive backlash across Europe especially in France and Germany to Chinese brands because of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Oppo is hoping that Vodafone will range their products despite the backlash and concerns over Chinese telecommunication products and potential security risks.

Oppo want Vodafone to retail their products across their networks in Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, and the Netherlands starting May this year.

Cooperation with Vodafone is signaling Oppo’s global aspirations with a plan to promote the brand at the expense of Huawei who are struggling to get US components for their smartphones Currently Huawei who have been dumped by carriers and retailers in Australia are facing headwinds selling internationally after being put the Chinese smartphone and telecommunication maker on a U.S. trade blacklist that forbids the use of Google mobile services.

This week the US Commerce Department announced that it would further limit Huawei’s ability to manufacture semiconductors using American technologies.

Oppo is believed to have offered millions of dollars to Vodafone to range their products in the same way they offer retailers in Australia massive incentives to promote their products.

“This is a classic way for Chinese Companies to grow their business. They simply throw cash at retailers or carriers to range products which don’t necessarily sell through. Today consumers are concerned about security and the impact of COVID-19 on their local economy because of a failure by the Chinese to control the virus” said one retail observer.

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