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OPINION: Microsoft Activison Deal “A Disaster For The Gaming Industry” Pure Garbage

I am in the USA currently, and several media Companies and commentators have unleashed on Microsoft after they acquired Activision for a staggering A$95 billion.

Digital Trends described it as a “disaster for the gaming industry”.

Game Industry Biz claims that Microsoft acquiring one of the world’s biggest games publishers is “certainly not good news for PlayStation”.

The comments are endless, with a lot of commentators missing the key reason why Microsoft has acquired Activision.

Firstly, Activision was a cheap deal which still must get over the line and be accepted.

Secondly, Microsoft is looking to the deal to deliver profits and the opening of new markets for the big software Company, especially a new generation of gamers who use Sony + Apple products and often game on a PlayStation console.

Around the world, tech journalists are spruiking that the acquisition is a blow to arch-rival Sony and their PlayStation platform.

Game Industry Biz claims ‘Even if Call of Duty remains a multiformat IP (which given its scale and reach, may be the case), losing more big brands and big developers to Xbox is going to make life harder for PlayStation, and indeed anyone trying to keep people engaged in their ecosystems.

Are Microsoft going to cut out PlayStation gamers getting access to Activision content?

No way.

You only have to look at what Microsoft is doing with their Teams, Outlook and Office 365 products, along with several other versions of Microsoft software in the B2b, student and home computer space.

It’s available for Apple and Google users, both arch-rivals of Microsoft. In fact, Office 365 and their suite of productivity tools are deeply coded into Samsung’s Android OS smartphones.

This is not about Microsoft selling more boxes than its rivals.

It’s all about content and the billions of consumers out there who can be lured into Microsoft’s gaming software, and that includes PlayStation users.

Activision Blizzard gives Microsoft a massive weapon to engage with consumers.

Microsoft has been building up to a large-scale purchase through their acquisition of several small, independent studios

Digital Trends claimed that when Microsoft’s Xbox division purchased Bethesda (or more accurately, ZeniMax Media) it “felt like it was crossing a line. Xbox already had around 20 studios under it and adding in an entire publisher felt like a desperate move to bolster its library with exclusives and valuable IP. It made me very suspicious that Microsoft was trying to essentially buy success for this generation of consoles, but the latest purchase is genuinely frightening for what it means for everyone, not just Xbox,” they went on to claim.

What bullshit?

Statements like this are pure emotion.

Does anyone believe that Microsoft is going to give up making billions flogging software to the customers of their competitors?

In fact, I believe that Microsoft has no passion for hardware and like Sony and Apple as well as Google with their Stadia platform the future is all about content and the revenue that comes from entertainment and gaming software.

Jesse Lennox writing for Digital Trends claimed, “Looking back at the Bethesda buyout, there was already a huge amount of confusion, anger, and worry across the gaming landscape. This was in part due to Microsoft’s less than clear messaging regarding exclusives, plus the fact that some of its new studios were still under contract to release PlayStation exclusives. Even if messaging this time is clear regarding the exclusivity of all the new franchises Microsoft just snatched up, the anger and worry will not be stifled. In fact, it will only be worse this time.”

This is pure emotion with no financial substance.

He concluded, “Bringing more studios under a single roof is only going to exacerbate this stagnation. I pray this is the last acquisition we see Microsoft make but can’t realistically think it will be. Until it risks an actual monopoly, it’s going to keep pushing. It probably won’t be in the next couple of years, but the repercussions of this deal are coming — and I don’t think we’re going to like them.”

The bottom line is that when you have the power, development capability, and knowledge that Microsoft have, as well as the ability to pour tens of millions into development of new content, one thing is going to drive the agenda, competition with the likes of Sony, Nintendo, Apple and Google in a position to take Microsoft head in going forward.

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