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Oops: Car Safety Systems Clash

Volkswagen last week unveiled a new version of its Golf hatchback, one of the first cars to sport V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure) communication skills.

According to EETimes, V2X uses Wi-Fi wireless connectivity to capture information such as changing weather, signs, nearby accidents, hazardous road conditions – and the possible erratic behaviour of nearby cars. It will hopefully allow equipped cars to dodge possible crashes with other vehicles.

That’s all very admirable, but V2X now has a rival system: DSRC – and this one is based on a 5G system.

The problem is that when DSRC is operating close to a V2X operation, the systems clash – with possibly catastrophic results. So far, EETimes says, General Motors, NXP, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo appear to be backing the Wi-Fi system. BMW, Daimler, Ford, Huawei, Intel, Qualcomm, and Samsung, on the other hand, are backing the 5G newcomer.

It’s unclear who will ultimately win. We’ll just have to wait and see – and hope V2X and DSR vehicles don’t clash any time soon.

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