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Fujifilm Launches Affordable Medium-Format Camera

Fujifilm has launched a new mirrorless digital camera, which is being described as its most affordable medium-format camera yet.

The new GFX50S II, a successor to 2017’s GFX 50S, features a 51.4MP sensor, five-axis in-body image stabilisation (IBIS), and high-performance autofocus thanks to a high-speed image processing engine; additionally, it includes 19 of Fujifilm’s Film Simulation modes.

The camera’s body, which weighs in at 900g and measures 104.2mm in height and 87.2mm in depth, is made of rigid magnesium alloy and is weather sealed in 60 places, providing water and dust resistance and allowing it to withstand temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

“The GFX50S II is a mirrorless digital camera that allows more people to enjoy the photographic world of ultra-high image quality, achieved by the large-format sensor’s rich tonality and ability to render the background out of focus beautifully,” the manufacturer says.

The GFX50S II will release late September for $6499 AUD.

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