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Sharp Apple Dock Gives Good Beats $229

Sharp Apple Dock Gives Good Beats $229

Sharp has switched on a new Slim Micro System for iPhone/iPhone 5 (Lightning dock), iPod, and iPad docking system. 

It also has a vertical CD player with MP3, WMA compatibility, and FM//AM radio.  

You can also connect other non-Apple systems via USB, 3.5mm Audio Input on Sharp’s nifty $229 wireless system that also charges devices. 
Sharp says its Micro System (DKKP82PH) gives good beats with 10cm full-range (2X 25W) speakers, digital amplifier, in-built X-BASS with bass and treble adjustments. 

The wall mountable music system also has AM/FM radio with 40-station preset memory and remote control. 

And at $229, it’s not a bad price for the slim, light system that weighs 2.45kg and measures 475 x 191 x 83 mm (WxHxD).

It also has energy saving mode (0.4W in stand-by).
Mark Beard, National Marketing Manager for Sharp Australia, says the new Micro Audio System is an easy fit for any lifestyle. 

“We’ve also focused heavily on design aesthetics, so the unit integrates neatly and elegantly into any home,” Beard said. 

For further product information and full specifications, visit www.sharp.net.au or call 1300 135 530.