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Okay Google Show Me The Vision On My Swann Home Security Camera

Australian home and business security Company Swann Communications, has launched a Google Voice first by enabling their security cameras to be activated by a voice command across their wired multi-camera system.

The Melbourne based security Company whose products are sold across the USA and Europe is using Google Assistant voice control via Google Home and Chromecast to deliver control of their home and business surveillance systems.

Owners of the new voice activated security hardware can now watch live video footage on a smart TV or a display monitor that is connected to Google Chromecast.

Via simple voice commands such as “Okay, Google, show me channel one” or “Hey Google, show me the front door”, users can now view exactly what their cameras see – hands-free. This minimises the time it takes to view your camera footage claims Swann.

Jeremy Stewart, Vice President, Global Marketing, Swann said “In Australia, smart speaker adoption has been a major driver of the connected home market and integration with voice assistants is a technology trend that we’re seeing across a range of consumer electronics including home security,” he said.

He added “Some wireless cameras have incorporated voice integrations, but Swann is the first to bring this technology to wired multi-camera systems.”

Initially users have to download Swann’s HomeSafe View app on their mobile device and pair it with the Google Assistant.

This enables the system to respond to voice commands via the Google Assistant app or the Google Home speaker.

The Google Chromecast will recognise the commands and stream video from their security cameras to a TV or display screen.

Watch Swann’s video demo of this technology (below)

To learn more about the Google Assistant Integration, visit Swann’s website here.

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