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Officeworks Rebrand in Response to Changing Consumer Behavior

Officeworks new image

Officeworks have changed their logo and brand identity as a response to the changing customer purchasing habits and societal behavior. The rebrand was executed by branding agency Principles, with the aim of creating an image that better reflected the new way in which people work, learn and play as a result of the pandemic.

“The brief to Principals was to update the brand tone of voice, personality, and identity to drive effective communications, as well as an improved in-store experience. The team translated insights into an actionable strategy and a suite of flexible and expressive brand assets. We feel it’s a brand identity that will stand the test of time.”

Officeworks previous branding.
Credit: Officeworks

The most significant change to the brands logo is the removal of the iconic pin, as well as the dashed line becoming more central “to deliver increased impact and distinctiveness”.

Consumer research revealed that while the Australian public’s opinion of Officeworks is indeed a positive one, this dramatic change in societal behavior marked an opportunity to “bring more dynamism and joy to the brand”.

Comparing the old and new logos, the classic red and blue colours are maintained, but the capital O and the pin have been removed, achieving a more relaxed and creative feel.


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