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Oculus VR Headsets To Require Mandatory Facebook Account

Facebook-owned virtual reality headset manufacturer, Oculus, has announced it will require all users to sign-in with a Facebook account, removing support for separate accounts in October.

The company has advised all future Oculus devices will require a Facebook login, even if a there is an existing separate account.

The news comes as Oculus gears to release its next Quest virtual reality headset this year. Facebook has also continued to develop its virtual reality world ‘Horizon’ which Oculus headsets are positioned to be a core component.

Facebook is reportedly consolidating management of all its company owned platforms, with further integration gradually rolling out between the social media hub and subsidiaries such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

A new privacy policy will reportedly be issued by Facebook stating the company will “manage all decisions around use, processing, retention and sharing of your data.”

The social media giant is also set to include a new ‘VR-focused’ segment to its standards.

According to Road Tovr, Facebook has already commenced using Oculus data for advertisements, which is set to further gain the attention of global regulators amidst data privacy crackdowns.

The changes will see consumers only being able to sign up for an Oculus account via Facebook, and existing separate accounts will receive a prompt to merge. Existing users who opt against will still be able to use their Oculus headsets with a non-linked account, however, support will end in 2023 as will functionality for some apps.

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