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NSW Amazon Drivers Granted Minimum Rates In World First

Amazon Flex drivers have been awarded minimum pay rates after a world first decision handed down by the NSW industrial relations tribunal.

As a result, NSW drivers who deliver for Amazon will earn at least $37.80 an hour by July 1, 2025, close to 40 per cent more than what they are currently paid.

TWU national secretary Michael Kaine said NSW was the first jurisdiction in the world to mandate enforceable rates for Amazon Flex drivers.

“The impact of this decision will be felt around the world,” he said. “Gig behemoths are on notice: this is what happens when workers call out these dangerous bottom feeders and fight together for a fair day’s pay.”

He said Amazon had previously been able to “exploit independent contractor loopholes to sidestep rights and rip workers off fair rates of pay”.

“Today’s win confirms that it’s entirely possible for all workers to have access to enforceable rights and protections, regardless of their employment status.”

The new deal will see an enforceable hourly rate on $27.83 from March 1, sliding up over the next three years by $10. They will also have the right to collectively bargain, and to dispute resolution.

“Today’s decision will be welcome relief to those drivers – an increase of more than 40 per cent over the next three years, to finally catch them up to where they should be after 15 years of stagnant pay,” said TWU NSW secretary Richard Olsen.

An Amazon spokesperson told Channel News that, “Amazon Flex delivery partners have always earned competitive pay as well as the flexibility to work when it suits them.

“Delivery partners in NSW driving a sedan earn an average of over $128 for a four hour block, which already exceeds the new rates that will come into effect from 1 March.”

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