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Now There Is An LG TV with a Built In Massage Chair

First up it was rollable TV’s now LG Electronics is set to show a super cool a media chair with its own OLED TV built in making it ideal for gaming and watching movies while being massaged.

The new combination will be rolled out next week at CES 2022. The media chair is a chimera device that combines a curved OLED TV with a recliner chair.

According to LG the LG TV offering will be mounted with not just an ordinary recliner chair but with a body massage chair that also massages your feet arms legs and back.

One of the downsides of the new device is that users are kept mostly immobile.

During a massage on the new device, your arms and legs are half-enveloped inside cushions, so there’s not much to do other than slowly fall asleep.

There is one big plus at CES they give demo’s so 15 minutes in this chair could have real first look benefits.

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