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Nokia Set To Struggle As They Try To Take On Apple & Samsung With Nokia 8

Nokia who are desperately trying to get back into the Australian smartphone market, more on their name than their product, is looking to take on both Apple and Samsung at the top end of the premium smartphone market with a new Nokia 8, the only problem is that they must convince carriers and retailers to stock it.

Unlike Samsung, Alcatel, LG or HTC the Nokia phones are not made by HMD Global the Company that has the rights to the Nokia brand, instead they like Google, rely on third party Companies to bolt together the components in their mid-tier models spanning the Nokia 3, 5, and 6 models.

Last week the Company deliberately leaked their upcoming Nokia 8 with its SnapDragon 835 processor, Zeis powered dual camera system, and the larger 5.7-inch screen. They also leaked the gold copper colour.

This was done to try and create momentum as they try to convince their retail partners, to stock the device, which will have to compete with the Apple iPhone 8, and the Samsung Galaxy 8, as well as the new Note 8, which is due for release in September.

Both the Apple and Samsung offering make up over 79% of the premium smartphone market and for retailers to range a new model up along these $1,000+ smartphones the product must have brand clout and an excellent reputation and this is what the Nokia phones lack.

As for Nokia, this is a failed brand that quit Australia despite having been #1 in the market in the past.

The volume sales of the mid-range Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6 will be the financial foot soldiers that will help HMD Global get traction but they are going to have to compete up against several other big brands including the likes of Motorola, Sony, HTC and a host of Chinese players with deep pockets and the ability to manufacture their own products.
The Nokia 8, which is going to be HMD’s flagship model is going to find it difficult in any head-to-head comparisons with devices like the iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8. The current cutting-edge fashion in smartphone design is edge-to-edge screens with minimal bezels. The actual screen may not be curved, but the top glass gracefully bringing the top surface down to a narrow chassis said Forbes Magazine recently.
The Nokia 8’s screen may be the largest in HMD’s portfolio if it is, as expected, announced on August 16th, but it’s going to be a screen design that is not going to look as fresh and as exciting as the competition. The bezels are clearly visible and the design may echo previous Nokia handsets but it’s going to leave the new Android-powered handsets at a disadvantage in any ‘what’s the difference’ styled articles they concluded.

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