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Nintendo Switch Inventory Set To Return To ‘Normal’ Soon

Inventory of Nintendo’s best-selling Switch console is tipped to return to ‘normal’ soon, following reports it has resolved virtually all of its coronavirus-related supply chain issues.

The Nintendo Switch is the company’s second-best selling console of all time, and has been plagued with supply chain issues for several periods even pre-COVID19.

The company recently announced Switch sales had exceeded 61 million units, with nearly 6 million sales occurring in the last three months.

Gaming demand has boomed during the coronavirus pandemic, further increasing pressure on availability for the Nintendo Switch.

The result has seen frequent stock sell-outs with local retailers, leading some private individuals to list the product online for a significant mark-up above its retail RRP.

Published with its recent financials, Nintendo claims it has almost entirely recovered from COVID-19 related effects on production, however, many commentators remain skeptical given prior promises of increased stock amid heavy demand.

The company warned Switch stock would be affected by lockdown in China prompt by the coronavirus, with global restrictions a challenge for component production. Now, Nintendo claims such setbacks are over, and resolved.

“COVID-19 created some difficulties in procuring the parts required for manufacturing Nintendo Switch consoles, but the overall production situation has almost recovered,” reads the company’s statement in earnings.

Nintendo has also managed to achieve three first-party titles with over 20 million sales, which is reportedly a milestone the PlayStation 4 has never notched.

Commentators claim there’s minimal signs of demand for the Nintendo Switch and its titles slowing down, prompt by new game releases. Games like the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons achieved over 22 million sales in just four months, and is dubbed one of the year’s most talked about games.

Despite the claims of supply chain resolutions, some analysts remain skeptical about a sustainable material increase in stock, with previous cycles repeating a brief surge before an exhaustion on the supply chain.

Consumers will have to wait and see whether the new rounds translate into increased availability, with the Switch unavailable at JB Hi-Fi online due to “very high demand.”

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