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Nikon Takes On Sony With Mirrorless Z7 & Z6

After months of teasing, Nikon has finally unveiled the first two models of its new mirrorless camera range, the Z7 and Z6, which claim to significantly threaten Sony’s market dominance.

Thus far, Sony has managed to secure mirrorless market share away from Nikon and Canon, however, today’s launch will see Nikon throw down the gauntlet. Commentators predict Canon will release a similar mirrorless range sometime soon.

As a bold claim, Nikon asserts the Z7 is its most important camera since 1959.

Concerning specs, the Z7 and Z6 are full-frame cameras which compete with the A7R III. A raw reading of the specs has Nikon models slightly ahead of Sony in almost every field.

The Z7 model will have a backlit FX-format CMOS sensor, with an effective 45.7 megapixel read. The giant sensor size allows for a standard sensitivity range of ISO 64-25600, highlighting low light capabilities.

30fps 4K UHD is supported, as is 120p Full HD shooting. Shooting in N-Log (Nikon’s own flat log profile) and 10-bit via HDMI, claims to showcase its high-tech camera capabilities.

Nikon claims shooting in this mode gives the camera a twelve-stop 1300% dynamic range.

Hybrid auto-focusing will bring 493 focus points to the Z7, and 273 to the Z6. Nikon claims they both cover about 90% of the imaging area.

Nikon has even trumped Sony in optical viewfinder technology, embedding a 3690k-dot OLED panel directly into the body, beating Sony by 10k dots.

Following Sony’s lead again, the Nikon mirrorless range features in-camera vibration reduction via a VR unit, instead of relying on in-lens image stabilisation.

Added features include silent shooting, high speed continuous shooting – 9 fps versus Sony’s 11fps – and in-built ultra high definition time-lapse functionality.

Much like Sony’s range, the models are named after its new lens mount. Due to the difference in flange sizes between a classic DSLR and a mirrorless, Nikon has had to abandon its famous F range.

If you’re a Nikon shooter and have a large range of F Mount lenses, an F to Z converter will be available upon release.

Nikon have predicted the shift in lens mounts could worry customers, as such have preemptively disclosed their release schedule for the next four years.

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