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Nielsen Finally Brings Ratings System Into Digital Era

Nielsen has finally twigged that gathering around a glowing black box at a prescribed time isn’t the sole way that people watch television shows anymore.

The revamped Nielsen Identity System will launch in Australia on April 1, and will vastly improve the accuracy of its methodology. In doing so, it will bolster the information advertisers and networks will recieve, including enhanced demographic data, using more than 57 million “device identifiers”.

Jonathan Betts, Nielsen executive director of commercial growth and product strategy Australia, said: “By drawing on data from strategic data providers, we’re making a huge leap towards delivering people-based measurement for digital campaigns in a way that will integrate with other channels to deliver cross-channel campaign measurement.

“These strategic relationships ensure we’re delivering unparalleled value and insights for our local Digital Ad Ratings clients. The Nielsen Identity System serves to unify the identity data that Nielsen receives in an interoperable way across the media ecosystem.”

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