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iPhone 6 Launch Oct 14: ‘Very Busy’ Month

iPhone 6 Launch Oct 14:

iPhone addicts will get their fix of new iPhone 6 models on Tuesday October 14 according to a new report, which is at odds with Apple’s usual Friday iPhone launches. 
The news comes from anonymous Apple sources talking to MacRumors, whose source cited “an internal Apple Retail Store meeting”. 
The source quoted a “senior Store Leader” saying the day would be “immense” while pointing to October set to be “very busy for stores and the company itself”. 
In addition, a mysterious media launch is due Tuesday, September 16, which might indicate a four week lead-time for Apple to launch and then ship stock to stores. 
The mooted September media launch date lines up with previous rumours suggesting a September iPhone 6 launch date, but MacRumors thinks it might be also be an event to get the final versions of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite out the door, including new iPads and new Macs – thus leaving the iPhone 6 for October after all. 

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iPhone 6 concept from Ciccarese Design

Although much speculated upon, there’s still no clear word on whether both the expected 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will arrive at the same time as the rumoured 5.5-inch version. 

Both versions might be launched at the same time, but with the 4.7-inch model arriving first and the 5.5-inch then model coming later in the year, or even early 2015. 
Expectations are high for a faster new 64-bit “desktop class” A8 processor, storage up to 128GB, a higher resolution camera, virtually unscratchable and stronger “sapphire glass” screen, an improved Touch ID fingerprint reader module, iWatch/iTime connectivity apps, Healthbook, HomeKit and CarPlay improvements and more.