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Next-Gen AR Earbuds Delayed For ‘Validation Build’

Doppler Labs, an audio-focused startup firm, have delayed the launch of their debut product – the Here One.

The wireless earbuds were announced in June and initially poised to launch in November but will now do so in February.

The company has ascribed the cause of the delay as a need to complete a ‘validation build’, which it says is necessary before they begin to roll out the Here One to retail.

The Here One wireless earbuds aim to combine the intuitive utility of ‘true-wireless’ headphones like Samsung’s IconX and the Jabra Sport Elite with the potential of augmented reality.

Doppler are promising a layered listening experience with the Here One where users can configure the volume of streamed audio and ambient sound simultaneously.

They’ll also come with unique Smart Noise Filters that selectively filter out unwanted noises (for example that of an airplane engine) and Speech Amplification that makes it easier to tune into a specific conversation in crowded environments.

It’s a tall order for such a new player to the portable audio space.

However, if it pays off, expect such smart features to make their way into all the bigger brands.