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New D-Link Network Video Recorder Supports Up To 16 Cameras

D-Link have announced a new network video recorder capable of monitoring and recording up to 16 video cameras at once.

The DNR-2020-04P is a standalone surveillance solution that is able to connect directly to a monitor or TV. It features four built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports for quick and easy connection to local cameras, as well as simple and secure access to IP cameras.

D-Link have incorporated features to simplify the setup process, including automatic camera detection and a built-in setup wizard. Monitoring is also simplified with the ability to drag and drop a desired camera into the viewing area, and recording settings such as compression, resolution and frame rate are simple to adjust using a clear interface.

Users can view a single camera full-screen with support for two-way audio, and the built-in Digital In/Digital Out connectors can be used to connect triggers such as door and window sensors to initiate recordings and optionally alert an administrator. Pan, tilt and zoom functions can also be controlled from the DNR-2020-04P.

Two SATA hard drive bays support up to 16TB of storage. The drives can be configured in RAID 1, duplicating recorded video across two hard drives to protect against drive failure. Data can also be backed up externally to USB drives or FTP servers.

Remote viewing and management of the DNR-2020-04P is supported through a web browser, and the Gigabit Ethernet Management port provides the high-speed bandwidth required for 16 simultaneous camera streams. The JustConnect+ app adds the additional flexibility of live or recorded viewing on smartphones and tablets.

The DNR-2020-04P is available now from dlink.com.au, as well as D-Link resellers and retailers, for RRP $999.95